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Skill Level:  Intermediate

Sizes:  2XS, XS, S, M

About this Design:

A charming traditional style school uniform especially for our good little girls in training!

A cute back-to-school harness dress featuring a self-lined collar, contrast removable tie, and purchased applique.

Front waistband is cut on the bias for added detail and trimmed with gold buttons.

Bodice is fully lined, skirt is unlined with two stitched-down inverted pleats. Adjustable tabs with Hook and Loop closures at the neck and waist

Seam Allowances:

This pattern includes seam allowances

Recommended Fabrics:

Tartan Plaid Print, Cottons, Twill, Denim, Linen,

Purchase Pattern:

Please check Size Chart before ordering.

  • Single Size Patterns $8.50 ea.
  • ProA-$23.99, one each sizes: 2XS, XS, S, M




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