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What is a PDF?

  • A PDF is a “portable document file” digital file.
    •  A pdf reader, like Adobe Reader(PC or MAC) or Preview (MAC), to open, view , and print the file.
    • PDF file type is used as all images will print at true size.

How do I receive my sewing pattern file?

  • Once the payment is processed you will be sent your pattern(s) via e-mail at the email address on file with PayPal, as an attachment.
    • Patterns are sent within 24 hours.  Simply click the attachment icon (normally a paperclip), and save the file to your computer. 
    • The pattern will automatically open in Adobe Reader.
      • On the Adobe toolbar, click "file"  and then the "print" button.
      • The pattern will print using your printer. 
      • If the Adobe Reader program is not installed on your pc, or outdated, the latest version is available by clicking the Adobe icon below.

Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs FAQs

  • Due to file size of some patterns, your order may be sent in several e-mails. Please make sure your email box is not full and the address used at PayPal is current.
  • On the larger pattern sizes, because of the number of pieces to make one pattern piece, the file size is larger.   The Sewing Guide PDF(sewing instructions)may be e-mailed separate from the pattern pieces PDF.  Applicable pattern size pdf(s) may be sent to you in several separate emails due to file size limitations for some e-mail clients (yahoo, g-mail, aol, etc.) 

When will I receive my Pattern?

  • Your pattern will be sent to you within one business day (24 Hours) of purchase, usually much sooner.
  • On a holiday or weekend, please allow extra time, as officially they are not business days; Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs may or may not be available.
  • If you do not receive your pattern within 24 hours, first, check your "junk" or "spam" folder. If Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs email address is not in your address book, chances are your pattern order may go there.
  • If your order is not in your inbox or spam folder, then please email contact Fantaisie Designs as soon as possible

Do the pattern pieces need to be resized?

  • The pattern pieces are designed to fit on a standard 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper. There is no resizing necessary. When a specific pattern piece is larger than will fit on standard printer paper, the piece will be split into sections to be taped/glued together.  In such cases, each piece will be numbered with a letter (i.e., 4a, 4b, 4c, 4e, etc) to identify the pieces to be joined.
    • Be sure to print the file at 100%, Borderless,  Scale NONE, or Actual Size. The option may be worded differently depending on your print dialog box.

What payment forms are accepted? May I send a check or money order?

  • PayPal is the payment processor accepted by Miss Daisy Designs/Fantaisie Designs.   
    • PayPal is very secure, and your information is never shared with the merchant.   
    • It is free to open a personal PayPal account; however, you do not need a PayPal account to purchase patterns.   
    • In most cases you can complete your purchase as a "Guest."
    • See the PayPal website for more information.

I live outside the United States; may I purchase a pattern?

  • Yes- patterns may be purchased by anyone in the world with a valid email address.

Can a Beginner sew Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs patterns?

  • Yes- if you have basic beginner skills, you can sew Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs Patterns.
  • All patterns are detailed and include tips to make your garment come out right the first time. If you have any problems or questions, email Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs for help.

What is a "Pro-Package"?

  • A Pro-Package is a set of patterns of one pattern design which includes all the sizes available for  that particular design. 
  • With the addition of larger sized patterns (L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) and the requested Puppy-Sized patterns, Pro Packages are now available in 3 separate packages; 
    • Pro Pak A: 2XS, XS, S, M;
    • Pro Pak B: L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL and  
    • Puppy Pak for the really tiny ones (3XS, 4XS).
    • Pro Pak C:  3XS, 4XS; 2XS, XS, S, M; L, XL, 2XL, 3XL (10 Sizes)
  • Pro packages are primarily packaged for those who wish to make finished clothing for more than one-size pet or have several pets of different sizes.
  • Pricing for the Pro Packages provide a discounted price for the multiple sizes rather than having to purchase each size individually.
  • Pro-Package designs and sizes cannot be mixed. Meaning, each Pro-Package will only include one design, but different sizes for that specific package. 

Larger Sized Pattern Piece Assembly - how do I join them together?

  • Larger pattern sizes (M through 3XL) have larger pattern pieces which do not fit on standard sized printer paper.  Other smaller pattern sizes (2XS, XS, S), with larger pattern pieces such as pants, waistbands, ruffles, etc. may require joining pieces together for the complete pattern piece. 
  • Larger pattern pieces are numbered with a letter to designate each section to be joined together i.e., 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, etc.  (Such pattern piece sections are NOT the complete pattern piece).  These sections also have the applicable pattern number on each section for clarification and ease of use. .
  • To facilitate easy joining together, a dot with crosshairs and a light join line is shown on each piece where joining will be necessary. 
  • Simply join the pieces together at the dots/lines and tape/glue each piece together to make one complete pattern piece.  See diagrams below illustrating "join dots" and "join lines" you may see.   Some pieces can have 6 pieces or more depending on the size.  This one illustrated below, a size large, has 4 pieces.   (graphics below are an example only and not to size)
  • diagram 3a       Diag 3b    diag 3c     diag 3d

          The diagram below is showing the above 4 pieces (3a, 3b, 3c, 3d) assembled together into one complete pattern piece. 

  • diag

The Etsy Miss Daisy Designs Online Shop is closed,  my computer crashed and I need to download patterns from the closed shop. Can I obtain copies here? 

  • Yes! Purchase receipts dated December 2014 until the Miss Daisy Design shop closed in December 2015 will be honored. 
  • Send a copy of the purchase receipt via e-mail and Fantaisie Designs will email replacement PDFs to the purchaser of the patterns on the receipt. 
  • It is recommended you save your PDFs to a memory stick or cloud or another device to keep them safe in case of a computer crash.  Take the same precautions as you would with any other important file and keep a backup.
  • Copies of all purchases/receipts from the website purchased from December 31, 2015 when the ownership changed to Fantaisie Designs are on file. 
  • Patterns will be available for immediate download early in 2018 and you will be able to download/re-download directly from the website. 
  • It is recommended to save your purchases on an alternate source for safekeeping.

Can Fantaisie Designs custom design a pattern for my pets measurements?

  • Yes! Custom-Sized patterns to your pets measurements can be made upon request. 
    • Payment for all custom-sized or special request patterns will require a non-refundable payment for the pattern(s) must be made in advance.
    • Allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery of custom/special order patterns depending on the complexity or size of the pattern.   
    • Please furnish your pets measurements (neck, back length, chest girth) at time of ordering. 
    • If there is a pattern type/design you would like to see, submit your suggestions/requests to Miss Daisy Designs/Fantaisie Designs via email.

Is it Ok to sell the finished items made from Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs patterns?

  • Yes, you may sell the finished items you create from Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs patterns.
    • The purchased pattern/tutorial is licensed to the purchaser for personal use only, NOT for large-scale commercial production or manufacturing.
    • Finished pet-ware fashion garments created from Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs patterns may be created for personal use or for profit.
    • Garments made from our patterns may NOT be mass-produced (commercial/manufacturing/factory) in any form.
    • Tutorials are for your personal use only and NOT for sharing or distribution.

What are the "rules" for selling finished items?

  • The finished goods may be sold at online venues (;;; your website or blog etc.) and local selling venues (booths, shops, craft fairs, etc.)
    • Pattern license allows the purchaser to create finished garments that may be sold personally by the purchaser anywhere online or locally.
    • Pattern licensing information is included in each PDF Sewing Guide and PDF Pattern Pieces.

May I share a pattern on my blog, informational article or website?

  • No- patterns may NOT be shared online or offline in any form regardless if the site is for profit or not for profit.
    • Your purchase entitles you to one single PDF copy of the digital Pattern/Tutorial from Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs for your “personal use.”
    • The purchase does NOT provide permission to share, resell or give this PDF file, or its contents, electronically, in printed form, or in any form, to anyone else. To do so is a violation of the Fantaisie Design/Miss Daisy Design copyright.

Refund/Cancellation Policy_Digital Patterns

  • All Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs patterns are digital products only. Due to the nature of PDF patterns, refunds cannot be exchanged for other patterns/sizes, returned or refunded once the pattern is purchased.
  • If you accidentally made a duplicate purchase Fantaisie Designs will be happy to refund your money or, provide another pattern/size; email Miss Daisy Designs/Fantaisie Designs with your information.
  • Cancellation of digital pattern purchases cannot be made once the order has been purchased, this includes digital patterns that are emailed.

I have a question, How do I contact you?

  • Contact Fantaisie Designs via email (click on envelope above).
  • Response times will "normally" be within 24-hours or less, but might take longer depending if I am creating new things, away from the computer, away from Fantaisie Designs. 
  • Fantaisie Designs hours are normal business hours M-F, 9am to 5pm PST.  If your question is on a weekend/late night/holiday, send an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Usually within a couple minutes or hours.   
  • Fantaisie Designs resides in an area subject to power and internet outages, so please be patient.  I WILL respond as soon as possible.  


  • Fantaisie Designs/Miss Daisy Designs does not offer paper patterns for sale/mailing. Digital downloads only.

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