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Choosing the right size for your pet's clothing is very important. Not only do you want them to look their fashionable best, but most importantly, you want them to feel comfortable. If your pet is not used to wearing clothing, comfort is crucial so your fur baby will learn to enjoy dressing up. Please take the following safety precautions while your pet is wearing clothes.

In summer or warm climates, your dog could become overheated. Make sure clothing is not tight, and fabric is breathable and cool. Only leave clothes on for short periods. Do not allow your dog to wear clothes when they're unsupervised for long periods. Halter garments are only intended for small pets that do not pull or lunge on a leash. Never use a halter unless your pet is well trained on a leash.
With a few precautions, you and your pet will love dressing up!

size chart

Patterns are available in single sizes or, if you have multi-pets of various sizes, the Pro Packages will be a good choice. Originally our Pro Package was sizes XXS through Medium. When you purchase the Pro Package you get one of each size.

When the larger sizes are released, there will be 2 Pro Packages: Pro Package A: Sizes XXS thru Medium; and Pro Package B: Large thru 3XL, when available. Eventually all old and new patterns will be available in all 8 sizes.

Neck: Around the nape of the neck where the collar sits.

Chest Girth: The largest circumference of their rib cage, just behind the front legs.

Back Length: From the base of the neck where the collar sits to the base of the tail.


Measurement Diagram
Patterns will fit multiple measurements within each size range. There is no standardized sizing for pet clothing or sewing patterns. Some companies sell a different size for each increment of an inch or two, but, Miss Daisy Designs/Fantaisie Designs patterns will fit all measurements shown within the size range purchased.

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