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Introducing Hidalgo Don Quixote and Muñequita at their graduation ceremony of Beginner Education Obedience Class. Their proud parents stitched "The Graduate" cap and gown for their special event. Congratulations because they accompulished this BY HAND, without a sewing machine!

On the left is a photo of Lynn's rendition of "Rockabilly Baby" for her fur girl!

A dress for Abbie designed using the Spring Fling Pattern.

Abbie's pajamas designed using the Sleepy Tyme Pattern.

Bella wearing her new dress from Spring Fling pattern!

Lucy modeling both sides of the
"Reversible Dress II" pattern.
The adorable matching bonnet was designed by their mom Judy.

Lynn's little girl modeling a very feminine dress using "Sweet Confections"

Smocking, sequins, organdy dress from "Let's Party" pattern, designed by Mickie.

Penny modeling the Smocked and Sequined design of Let's Party.

The beautiful, soft color of Penny's new dress compliments her fur so well!

Penny modeling "Pups in Da Hoodie" created by her mom Janet.


Presenting model "Mocha Frappe" wearing Rockabilly Baby, designed by her mother Tammy!

 Lovely Pink sundress using the"Island Girl" pattern, created by Kathleen.

Jan is Mom to Max and Missy,
and enjoys sewing their wardrobes.

Missy is wearing her Mom Jan's creation on
"Sweet Confections".

Max is wearing a smokin' hot version of
"Swaggin' & Waggin".

Missy, wearing Jan's super cute rendition of
"Town & Country" playsuit.

Ruth made these festive Holiday outfits for her friend's pets- Petey, Regan, and Rouen.

Petey is wearing a military version of the "Dapper Dude" coat pattern complete with gold braid trim.

The girls are modeling a Fancy creation of the "Flower Power" pattern substituting tulle skirts.

Adorable dress using Retro-Rockabilly Dress & Hat

designed by Ann

Western Design created using the "Reversible Dress" Pattern. Special design created by Ann

Lovely playsuit using "Town &

Country Playsuit", designed by Ann.

Millie is modeling a cute Thanksgiving dress created with the "Reversible Dress" pattern.

Designed by her mom, Linda!


Chiquita, our stunning model wearing Sweet Confections

Designed by Tammy!

Ani, featured modeling a lovely Christmas Dress

using the "Visions of SugarPlums" dress pattern.

Designed by Aunt Bonnie!

Sadie modeling a "Lucy" costume for a dog show with a 1950's theme. The dress was created using the "Sweet Confections" pattern.

Designed by Theresa!

Ani's Christmas Dress designed

and created by Aunt Bonnie!

with her flower girl, created using the
"Let's Party!" pattern.

"Reversible Dress" pattern

Dress created using "Reversible Dress" pattern

DéLima modeling her new coat created with the Winter Bébé pattern.

Designed by Lise'

Krystal modeling her Winter BeBe coat.

Pearl, wearing her Winter BeBe coat


Jersie, modeling her dress created using the "Reversible Dress" Pattern..

"Visions Of Sugarplums II" pattern for the boys

Designed by Susan!.

"Visions Of Sugarplums" dress pattern.

Designed by Susan!

Here is a very special version of "Let's Party"-
Allyson made this for her little girl to wear to
her upcoming wedding!

Brittany modeling her Halloween dress made from "Sweet Confections" pattern.

Little India wearing "Vintage Rose" made by her mom Karen.

Cindy wearing a very fashionable version of
Flower Power".

Cindy wearing her mom Vikki's adorable version of "Reversible Dress" with a custom cupcake applique.

Vikki's girly version of "Pups In Da Hoodie"

Chester in his "Sleepy Tyme" pajamas
Designed by Charlize.

A ruffle design of "Town & Country"

Missy modeling a maribou-trimmed holiday created using the "Let's Party" pattern. 

Missy wearing Halloween dog dress sewn from Let's Party pattern by Miss Daisy Designs

Missy modeling the "Let's Party" Halloween pattern dress.

Designed and created by Deb!

Festive fashionable creation of the "Reversible Dress" pattern.

Designed by Beth!

Reverse-side of the"Reversible Dress" pattern.

Designed by Beth!

Missy wearing That 70s Summer dog dress pattern by Miss Daisy Designs

Cindy wearing a colorful design of
"That 70s Summer" pattern.

Designed by Vikki!

Cindy modeling the "Reversible Dress" pattern.

Designed by Vikki!

Cindy wearing the "Vintage Rose" pattern.

Designed by Vikki!

Tinkerbell modeling "Town & Country" dog clothes pattern from Miss Daisy Designs
Sweet, petite Tinkerbell wearing a femine
version of "Town & Country".
Lily-Bell modeling Town & Country dog clothes pattern by Miss Daisy Designs

Lily-Bell in her new team spirit playsuit from "Town & Country" pattern.
ZahZah modeling Town & Country Dog Clothes Pattern by Miss Daisy Designs
Zah-Zah wearing a punked out
"Town & Country" playsuit.
Destiny the Chihuahua wearing Vintage Rose Pattern by Miss Daisy Designs

Destiny wearing "Vintage Rose" made by
her mom, Rose.
Lily Bell the chihuahua wearing Miss Daisy Designs Vintage Rose

Lilly Belle modeling the "Vintage Rose" dress pattern.

Pinto Bean The Chihuahua wearing dress pattern Vintage Rose from Miss Daisy Designs
Josie likes her "Vintage Rose" dress so much, she is ordering another new pattern for Bev to sew!
Deb's shih tzu wearing Booty Bling

Deb's shih-tzu wearing a "Harley" version of
"Booty Bling".
Deb's Booty Bling

"Booty Bling".
Bev's Vintage Rose dress

"Vintage Rose" pattern design.

Sweet Ziva wearing a Memorial Day
version of "Sweet Confections",
made by her mom Sue.
Pinto Bean Wearing That 70s Summer Dress
Cutie Pie Josie ready for fireworks wearing
a July 4th version of
"That 70s Summer".
Cinco De Mayo Dog Dress
Another stellar dress sewn by Pinto Bean's mom Bev, this time for
Cinco De Mayo using "That 70s Summer".

Kira wearing "Retro Rockabilly Sundress & Hat" created by Beth.

Another charming version of
"Retro Rockabilly Sundress & Hat"
by Beth.

Just had to include this school spirited rendition of
"Retro Rockabilly Sundress & Hat", in University Of Kentucky fabric by Beth/

Pinto Bean wearing Town & Country

Pinto Bean is poised and pretty in
"Town & Country" playsuit with matching headband!
Pinto Bean wearing Flower Power Dress & Hat

Pinto Bean looking cheerful in her
Flower Power" dress & hat sewn by
her mom Bev!
Flower Power By Bev

Another cute version of
Flower Power" sewn by
Bev for "the Bean"!

Pinto Bean wearing an XXS
"Island Girl" created by her mom Bev!
Love it with the cute straw hat!
Mitzi modeling jumpsuit

Here is sweet Mitzee looking spiffy in her
"Town & Country" playsuit pattern.
Mitzi wearing Retro Rockabilly sundress and hat

Mitzee lookin' good in her
"Retro Rockabilly" Sundress & Hat.



Matisse modeling Town & Country

Matisse modelling Mom's custom version of "Town & Country" pattern,

using pink cordoroy pants and a sweetheart rose cotton peplum bodice, delicate lace trim

on bodice and button closures.

Penny modeling Town & Country pattern.

Miss Monique' modeling
"Town & Country".


Matisse wearing Summer Fun boys pattern.

Matisse in the board shorts from
"Summer Fun- For Boys Only".
Custom Made Dog Clothes

Sweet Yukie wearing a Christmas version sewn from "Let's Party!" pattern.
Customer made Christmas doggy outfits

Good little boy and girl yorkies wearing their Christmas finery sewn by Jo from "Visions Of Sugarplums" & "Visions Of Sugarplums II".
Bella wearing Flower Power

Bella looking very girly and pretty in her dress and hat created from "Flower Power" pattern.

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